As Texas enters the hemp sector THGA recognizes the need to provide farmers with production and research information. The knowledge of the agronomic factors that can influence production is limited. As in the past we find in our community and in our trusted institution neighbors capable of acquiring knowledge and passing it along to Texas farmers.  

This guide is designed to provide Texas farmers with the collective knowledge we have found in researching hemp as a possible rotational crop for our own farms.  It is not intended to teach people how to farm but to provide producers with specific hemp related production and marketing information that they can use as a tool to integrate hemp into their typical crop rotation. 

Agronomic research in the field of hemp production is in its infancy. The information presented in this guide is based on the experiences of researchers, producers and industry leaders along with our own search for farming practices that would fit into a Texas farmers rotation. We have found farmers growing hemp for food, fiber, and CBD following methods recognizable to Texas farmers. These practices reduce the risk to producers. 

This guide is not for the purposes of promoting hemp for the sake of seeing the plant grown. THGA supports hemp if it supports the Texas farmer. 

We are grateful to our friends in Canada for their willingness to share with Texas famers their knowledge. We acknowledge their support and value the information they have provided from their own eGuide. A special thank you to Russ Crawford, past President of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance for his help and guidance with this project. 

In addition, we gratefully acknowledge the hard work and loyalty shown to the Texas farmer by Dr. Calvin Trostle. For over 20 years many of our members have worked side by side with Dr. Trostle to create industries from new commodities. The emerging hemp industry is no exception. What we create with this opportunity will not be possible without his efforts to provide us with accurate and neutral information. We appreciate his contribution to this guide. 

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