What we do

Farmers have a tremendous opportunity to impact generations to come through:

  • Lawmaking –  As federal, state, and local governments, along with the USDA and TDA, write and revise laws and regulations, THGA wants to ensure that the interests of farmers are advanced. 
  • Education – THGA will gather and distribute research, and collaborate with public and private researchers, to secure the agronomic, manufacturing, environmental, economic, market, and pharmaceutical knowledge necessary for successful development of the industry across the state.
  • Infrastructure – THGA will support ventures that promote inputs, production, processing, and manufacturing systems that will benefit growers and build stability in the emerging hemp industry. 
  • Markets – THGA aims to develop markets for industrial hemp and create and operate cooperative marketing organizations.
  • Communication – THGA is committed to maintaining a positive public image of industrial hemp, sustain strong working relationships with law enforcement agencies, share important information with our hemp growers, and promote the open flow of information within the industry.